MMY Summer 2008 recap

There are some new faces around MMY lately.  Kerry Rauschendorfer, Shannon Pierce, Philip Cici and Kirk Davis have all been working hard since they came on board.  We’ve tried keeping them busy, but being young they tend to need more than “just engineering” to keep them busy.

  • Shannon ran in Grandma’s Marathon this summer, finished in 4 hours, 9 minutes — and still showed up at work on Monday.
  • Kerry spent a month traveling in Africa this spring.  The trip sounded incredible, but we’re still waiting to see the photos.
  • Phil managed to get engaged at the end of this summer.  He even performed it in a unique way that has most of the guys swearing Phil against telling their wives.
  • Kirk began as an intern last summer and has opted to remain.  In the meantime, he’s gotten married, is the proud daddy of Maylee and is finishing up his Civil Engineering degree at the U of M.  Sleep is optional for Kirk at this point.