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At MMY, we’re friendly, creative structural engineers with personality and a sense of humor. Sound like an oxymoron? Well it’s not. Our professional, fun culture puts you at ease, brings out the best in our staff, and gives you the innovative, sound, safe design solutions you need and want—quickly and affordably.

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David H. Macdonald, P.E., Principal


David has over 30 years of experience in structural engineering which includes all phases and types of structural building systems and is one of the Principals of Mattson Macdonald Young. He has served as project engineer for several projects that have won awards for unique and innovative design. | David H. Macdonald’s resume

Stephanie J. Young, P.E., Principal

Stephanie J. Young

Stephanie has over 25 years experience in the design, analysis, and construction coordination of many types of structures. Her major strengths include a proficiency at problem solving, an orientation toward detail and an understanding of construction concerns. She became a shareholder in 1998 and is now President of the firm. | Stephanie J. Young’s resume

Joseph Cain, P.E., Partner

Joseph Cain

Joe has been working in the field of structural engineering since 1985 and is a partner of MMY. Joe has been the project engineer for a wide range of commercial, and government projects. | Joseph Cain’s resume

Ken Green, P.E., Partner

Ken Green

Ken has been in the structural engineering field since 1989; joined MMY in 2006; and became partner in 2012. He’s developed a specialty of light-guage framing and curtainwall system design and public art projects—designing structures in stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite wood-fiberglass materials. | Ken Green’s resume

Kirk Davis, P.E., Partner

Kirk Davis

Kirk started with us as an intern in 2007, and became partner in 2014. He enjoys designing the wide variety of projects at MMY. He uses his field experience in framing and masonry to stay practical, but innovates to help design some unique structures. | Kirk Davis’ resume

 Joanna Campbell, P.E., Design Engineer

JoannaJoanna is our most recent P.E. addition.  She has been practicing structural engineering since 2011 and in the engineering field since 2007. She has experience in new construction of office buildings, industrial, retail, multi-family residential and retrofitting industrial and institutional buildings throughout the country . | Joanna Campbell’s resume

Mike Manor, P.E., Design Engineer

Mike Manor

Mike joined MMY in 2012 as a design engineer with over 10 years of structural engineering experience. His project experience in various general and specialty engineering design areas includes large retail buildings, cold formed steel framing for commercial and residential buildings, and structural steel connections for high-rise buildings. | Mike Manor’s resume

Adam Neigebauer, P.E., Design Engineer

Adam NeigebauerAdam joined us in 2014 and brings unique experience to our group, including condition and façade studies, materials specifications, and engineering forensics. He has since expanded his skillset into designing building structures and homes. With a curiosity for tools and materials, he is a craftsman at heart, and designs things he can envision putting together himself. | Adam Neigebauer’s resume

Tor Oksnevad, P.E., Design Engineer

Tor Oksnevad

Tor has been working at Mattson Macdonald Young since 2012. He has experience in a wide range of projects including single and multi-family residential, commercial, educational, and industrial projects. | Tor Oksnevad’s resume

 Eric McElrath, Engineer in Training

Eric thumbEric joined the MMY team in 2012. Eric’s diverse background in architecture, engineering, and construction management aligns well with MMY’s friendly reputation among architects, contractors, and community members. | Eric McElrath’s Resume

Melissa Breiter, Engineering Technician

Melissa Breiter

Melissa joined MMY in 2006 as an Engineering Technician. Melissa uses both AutoCAD and Revit Structure to create 2D plans and 3D models. She enjoys the wide variety of projects we work on at MMY, including everything from sculptures and park shelters to barns, houses, apartments, offices, and large warehouses. | Melissa Breiter’s resume

Melissa Daluge, Engineering Technician

Melissa Daluge

Melissa has been in the fields of architectural and structural drafting since 2000. Since joining MMY in 2001 as an Engineering Technician, Melissa has been involved in a wide variety of projects, from the Higher Ground Shelter in Minneapolis to Roseville’s Sienna Green Apartments and Maple Grove’s Hennepin County Library. | Melissa Daluge’s resume

David Hadler, Engineering Technician

HadlerDave joined us in 2015, bringing years of valuable experience in the construction field, including running and operating a small landscaping company. He has an aptitude for project management a great attention to detail, both put to great use in our work in the fall protection industry and residential work. | David Hadler’s resume

David L. Hoepner, Engineering Technician

David L. Hoepner

David has been with the firm of Mattson/Macdonald since 1986. He started with the firm as a drafter and has through his experience and education attained the level of Designer/Technician. David is thoroughly experienced in AutoCAD drafting and design, and enjoys handling Construction administration and site work for a number of our projects. | David Hoepner’s resume

Zak Mohr, Engineering Technician

Zak Mohr

Zak is taking every opportunity to further refine his skills by working on projects ranging from window washing roof anchor layouts to below grade industrial liquid tanks on construction types ranging from modern high rise steel to historic timber frames. | Zak Mohr’s resume

Jeremy Krook, Engineering Technician

JeremyJeremy has been drafting since 1995, and joined our team in 2014. With experience in many different construction types and software, Jeremy helps us adapt to the ever-changing industry to provide accurate and reliable models and drawings. | Jeremy Krook’s resume