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Helical Piles

Helical Piles

Helical Pile

Where site conditions are less than ideal for typical spread footings, we have seen an increase in the use of helical piers.  It seems that their popularity is growing due to installation methods improving and more contractors getting familiar with installing them. We continue to find use for helical piles in a variety of commercial and residential projects.
A recent local project near the Mississippi River used ‘Chance’ piles.


MMY: Engineer of Record for PCI Design Award Winner

Mattson Macdonald Young worked with Cermak Rhoades Architects on Higher Ground, a multifamily structure in Minneapolis, MN, which won PCI’s 52nd Annual All-Precast Concrete Solution Award for its use of precast as the primary structural framework of the entire building. In close collaboration with Hanson precast and their engineering team, columns, beams, and wall panels were all tapped for their structural capacity and each played a role in the kit of engineered parts.

Roof Anchors: a new specialty for the company

When Associate Partner Arne Grant was a young man, hanging off of silos in Southern Minnesota, he may not have realized the depth of experience he would bring to new 2012 Minnesota OSHA legislation regarding roof anchors, testing and fall safety.  When new regulations came to the state, Arne dove into designing specialized equipment, hardware and testing methods for Suspended Maintenance, making MMY one of the few local Professional Engineering resources in this evolving field.

Who done it???

In honor of MMY’s 30th Anniversary, the gang and their unwitting partners found themselves in the midst of a murder mystery over spaghetti and meatballs.  We’re not sayin’ who done it, but  I can tell you that it was someone in this office! (Stephanie Young)

MMY Murder Mystery Gang

MMY Expands the Office

To accommodate the growth of the company in recent years, Mattson Macdonald Young has renovated and expanded to add 8 new workstations, a large conference area and dedicated space for equipment.  Now we can all have a seat at the table when the donuts get passed around!

Kirk Davis becomes Associate Partner

Kirk Davis has joined the MMY family as an Associate Partner.  Kirk first joined us as an intern in 2007 while completing his degree from the University of Minnesota, and we welcome his drive, enthusiasm and innovation back to the company.

Eric interned with us during his studies at the University of Minnesota, and has now joined the team full-time after earning his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.  For the longest time we did not realize that Eric has an identical twin.  Eric assures us that it has been him the whole time.