Portfolio of related projects

Art + Sculpture

Art and Sculpture projects take a special talent to allow the creative vision of the artist to come through and provide for a structure that supports it without changing the intent.  MMY works with artists to bring out vision in an economical and feasible manner.

Renewable Energy Design Services

Structural analysis for rooftop and ground mount solar panel installations.

Suspended Maintenance/Roof Anchor + Fall Arrest System Design

With the experience required in this specialty area, and the ability to provide answers explaining the underlying principles that lead to differing opinions, MMY allows you to make the decisions on what is right for your facility.

Cold-Formed Steel Design

MMY provides the specialty design required for cold-formed steel: a versatile building material that can be used in most applications when engineered with the proper expertise.

Connection Design

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of a structure, our detail oriented atmosphere assists steel fabricators with structural steel connection details and calculations to meet the  requirements of the construction documents.

Equipment Design

In addition to providing structural analysis of equipment weldments, MMY is equipped to specify the interfaces required for successful equipment design such as bills of material, professional certification and coordination with code officials and other specialists.

Load Testing

MMY regularly rates systems and conducts load testing of existing and new material handling and suspended maintenance equipment.